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Obey and Defy Shakespeare’s Sonnet as a Lesson About Time

William Shakespeare’s â€Å"Like as the waves make towards the pebbled shore† is an English sonnet about the nature of time, in which Shakespeare both follows and deviates from the traditional sonnet form. Reading the poem with this in mind gives the poem an additional dimension, and leads the reader to consider how this technique impacts the poem’s meaning. Shakespeare has modeled the poem’s external structure to coincide with his view that time is a destructive force whose wrath is unavoidable, and this is clear upon examining his use of a consistent rhyme scheme, his employment of trochees and spondees, and his adherence to the structure of three quatrains and a couplet. This poem follows the traditional rhyme scheme of†¦show more content†¦Just like the couplet has contradicted the body of the poem, due to the fact that it is two lines, instead of four, and contains a diverse rhyme scheme, Shakespeare’s final statement, that he is hop eful his poem will survive time’s wrath, seems to challenge all that he has already said. This is reinforced by how the poem’s final line also contradicts the meter that has dominated the rest of the poem; the last line is the sole line that is composed of nine syllables, instead of ten or eleven. This change in pace seems to echo Shakespeare’s contradiction; just as the nine syllable line has opposed the others, Shakespeare has gone from claiming time is invincible to suggesting he can defy it. As is evident upon examining Shakespeare’s use of a consistent rhyme scheme, his variation from iambic pentameter, and his use of three quatrains and a reversing couplet, Shakespeare has written â€Å"Like as the waves make towards the pebbled shore† so that the external structure supports his opinions about time, even as they change. What this ultimately reveals is that just as Shakespeare has both followed the traditional form of an English sonnet and deviated from it, he has also both stayed true to and strayed from his original opinion on time. Therefore, the external structure of the poem supports his perspective in both specific instances, as illustrated earlier, and in the big picture.Show MoreRelatedThe Controversial Ending of King Lear by William Shakespeare Essays1580 Words   |  7 Pagesonly try to express. Foakes thinks that Hamlet now is less suited for the twentieth century than Lear, insofar as Lear’s existential content is what matters, so now the question becomes why would Cordelia want to live in Lear’s world? The play is about protesting a world gone mad. The situation is further intensified by the Tate emendation that playgoers witnessed for over a century. Arguing from the perspective of post-restoration and neo-classical taste that literature must teach virtue, Tate

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Examining Statistical Procedures And The Justification Of...

Rosnow and Rosenthal (1989) examine statistical procedures and the justification of knowledge in regards to psychological science. Psychology researchers, similar to researchers in other fields, think in inventive ways, resembling hunches and intuitions. Because of this, often progress is the result of guesses and hunches. For a long time, and at times a detriment to us as psychological scientists, we have looked at evidence as a dichotomous significance decision. In other words, significance is viewed as anti-null or pro-null depending on the value of p. A p value less than .05 can mean success, yet a p value greater than .05 can mean failure, especially when we consider publications typically disregard non-significant results for publication. While there are very valid reasons for using that key number of .05 to determine significance, we could use .06 just as well. This is evident in other scientific fields. When looking at significant and non-significant differences, values can vary between extremes due to no sharp line between the differences. The importance of a power analysis was noted, showing that working with low power and utilizing a particular sample size can impact the p value. In an example, one scientist has a larger sample size, and with this large sample size proves method A of leadership style is better than method B. The scientist that invented method B tries to replicate the original results but uses a much smaller sample size, which then will resultShow MoreRelatedYouth Outcomes : An Analysis Of Intervention And Control Group Children1105 Words   |  5 Pagesposttest data, Mendelson et al. (2010) determined that there was significance between the results those participants who participated in the intervention compared to those who were in the control group on the Involuntary Engagement Coping scale. Statistical significance was found on the subscales of Rumination, Intrusive Thoughts, and Emotional Arousal (Mendelson et al., 2010). These results mean that those students who took part in the mindfulness-ba sed intervention were less likely to take part inRead MoreChapter 1 Presented An Overview Of The Dissertation Which1769 Words   |  8 PagesChapter 1 presented an overview of the dissertation which included the aims and objectives, the research design, justification of the study and the structure of the dissertation. Chapter 2 reviewed the literature on VM and VE, as well as the origins of VM and how it might be utilised by UK project management professionals. This chapter expands on the literature reviewed in the previous chapter to present the methodological structure that was used to generate and gather the data for this study. Read MoreThe Theory Of The Natural Sciences Essay1489 Words   |  6 Pagesthe varied ways knowers interpret knowledge; objectivity is extremely difficult to reach, if not impossible. Within the natural sciences, fundamental disagreements develop due to the adoption of conflicting theories and alternate methodologies. Moreover, individual and analytical biases can skew the interpretation of data, leading to contrasting conclusions or understanding. Subjectivity is much more apparent in ethics due to the emotive and intuitive justification of morality. Therefore, discordRead MoreMixed Method Designs2631 Words   |  11 PagesCharacteristics Types of Mixed Method Designs Strengths and weaknesses of Mixed Method Research Steps in Conducting a Mixed Method Research Study Criteria for evaluating a Mixed Method Design Mixed Method Design A mixed methods research design is a procedure for collecting, analyzing, and â€Å"mixing† both quantitative and qualitative research and methods in a single study to understand a research problem. To utilize this design effectively, you must understand both quantitative and qualitative researchRead MoreDiversity And Independence Of The European Union Essay2015 Words   |  9 Pagesresponsibilities to insure that the justice system is to be maintained and supported amongst all ethnic groups. This requires an awareness of the way in which our own actions might affect perceptions of, and confidence in, parts of the justice system. The knowledge and information about what happens outside a court can help judges to ensure that what happens within the court is seen to be non-discriminatory. The main concerns seem fit to discuss throughout this essay are more to do with the lack of an ethnicRead MorePolice Role in Socety1863 Words   |  7 Pagesguidance in their job. We as police officer put our lives and family on line every day and sometime we are not appreciate by our chain of command or fellow peers. They are the first line of defense when it comes to putting a criminal in jail they must examining the whole situation and make a judgment call base on laws and experience, whether it warrant the arrest process or simply just talking to them as a citizen who made a simple mistake . â€Æ' Emerging Issue and Future Impact Police world over are thinkingRead MoreUnions and Collective Bargaining/Discrimination in the Workplace3430 Words   |  14 Pagesalmost anything. It is these analogies that the modern working class, must never forget. Over the past 80 years, a united working class has attempted to balance out large scale inequalities through collective bargaining and grievance arbitration procedures. Oversight should not be the only attractive component as additional economic factors exist that may be attractive to employees within todays labor movement. In the absence of a union, management has a monopoly over labor. Economically, thisRead MoreStatistical And Non Probabilistic Methods3639 Words   |  15 Pages3.7 Sampling Procedures and Techniques. 3.7.1 Sampling Method The researcher will be using a combination of both probabilistic and non-probabilistic method as the research is largely qualitative in nature but there are elements of a quantitative nature. By using a combination of sampling methods it will allow the research to be more realistic and not skewed. The researcher will apply a non-probability – purposive method and using the Heterogeneous sampling technique while analyzing the phenomenonRead MoreNursing Adults with Complex Needs3442 Words   |  14 Pagescarried out in the manner it was and also decribes the gap in knowledge that is adressed by his research study. Shishani (2008) included several paragraphs of background information that help him to justifie the proposed study. These paragraphs present the significance of the problem along with supporting documentation from the literature (Boswell, 2007). According with Macnee (2004) the literature review identifies where the gaps in knowledge maybe and also give the reader a p icture of what has alreadyRead MoreEvaluation Research Design Literature19283 Words   |  78 Pagesavoid the pitfalls and characteristics of eachâ€â€" (pp. 5-6). Slavin goes on to explain that best-evidence synthesis includes the application of rational, systematic methods of selecting studies to be included and use of effect size (rather than statistical significance alone), as a common metric for treatment effects (p. 6). 2. In effect, Slavin merged the traditional research review with the meta-analytic approach. First, Slavin advanced the ―Principle of Best Evidenceâ€â€" which requires that the best

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The individual, social, economic, legal or political factors Free Essays

The war in Bosnia and the mines planted in some parts of Bosnia might also have impact on Ado current circumstances. In Bosnia during the war some mines were planted by people when they were running away from the war. This makes people to go only in areas where the mines have been cleared and to keep away from area the areas where the mines are still planted. We will write a custom essay sample on The individual, social, economic, legal or political factors or any similar topic only for you Order Now (wikitravel 2008) This factor might be influencing Ado to move because of the danger associated with The landmines planted in some parts and the war in Bosnia. †¢ The wages given to Ado might also hinder his current circumstances. The wages might be too small to sustain his needs and the needs of his family, so by moving to Brisbane hotel in Australia he might get a better pay than what he is getting now. †¢ Ado might be interested in fulfilling his dream of working for the Brisbane Hotels given that they are one of the biggest five star hotels in the world, so that dream might be a driving force for him to move to Brisbane hotels. †¢ The â€Å"political temperature† in Australia (where Brisbane hotel are located) might be conducive compared to the one of Bosnia, this might also drive Ado to move away from Bosnia, because where the â€Å"political temperature† is cool business do thrive, hence the income of Ado is likely to increase because Brisbane hotel is located where the â€Å"political temperature† is cool, there is that strong belief that they are paying well compared to where Ado was previously working at in Bosnia. †¢ With war come insecurity, Ado might also be affected by the insecurity situation in Bosnia; this might make him to want to move away from Bosnia so that he can go to Brisbane hotels in Australia where the security is serene. †¢ Religion may also be a factor given that in Bosnia population Orthodox are 31%, Roman Catholic 15%, Protestant 4%, Muslim 44% while others are 6%, while in Australia over 70% are Christians, maybe Ado is a Christian and he doesn’t enjoying putting up in an area dominated by Muslims. 2. Strategies to use to help save Ado †¢ Ado will be helped in shipping his goods and other household items from Bosnia to Australia. †¢ I will enroll Ado for a cultural orientation program; this will benefit him because it will help him to make adjustment to the Australian culture. This will include habits of eating, eating joint, food eaten, understanding the local currency, his interaction with the other employees, among others. This will make Ado to familiarize himself with the culture and custom for the success of the Brisbane hotel. (Jossy. 1998) †¢ I will help him get a good school for his children. †¢ Ado, his family and his entire house hold will be insured just like other employees of Brisbane hotel, labor laws for foreigners working in Australia will have to be adhered with. †¢ Ado together with his family will be entitled to a return ticket to Bosnia once every year. †¢ I will take him through an orientation within the Brisbane hotel until he is familiar with the hotel operations †¢ I will show Ado some joints where Bosnians do meet. This will make him to be meeting his fellow Bosnians so as to make him not to fill home sick. †¢ I will take Ado for further induction training in management of hotels in Australia given that the way hotels in Bosnia operate might be slightly different from the way they operate Brisbane hotel in Australia. †¢ I will take Ado around the area so that he gets familiarizes him with the places around the hotel, this will make him not to get lost and probably he will fill at home while working for Brisbane hotel in Australia, which is far away from home. †¢ Ado will be entitled to a one month paid leave. †¢ I will also encourage him to enroll in English language classes so that he can know how to speak in English. 3. Productivity will be increased in the following ways: †¢ Given that Ado now knows English he will be communicating efficiently with the other staff, because he will be able to lead his junior efficiently. †¢ Productivity will also be increased because Ado will come with some new idea from restaurants in Bosnia which might not be in Brisbane in Australia. †¢ Productivity will be enhanced because the entire staff will be effective because of lack of communication barrier or cultural ignorance between Ado and the other people working for Brisbane Hotel. †¢ Productivity will also increase because Ado would have known Brisbane hotels environment well so he wont waste time looking up for places. †¢ Productivity will also increase because Ado will not be Home sick as such, because he will be meeting his fellow Bosnians in those places where I would have shown him. Lack of home sickness will make him concentrate fully at work. This will increase his productivity at Brisbane hotel. †¢ Ado will have familiarized himself with the culture and customs of the communities in which the hotel is situated this will make him fill part and parcel of the community, hence psychologically he will have settled. This will make him work efficiently hence increasing the production. †¢ Given that Ado will be given a month paid leave, it will give him the morale to work efficiently this will result in increase in productivity of Braisen Hotel in Australia. †¢ Given that Ado his insured he will have courage to work in odd places in order to keep the production going on efficiently. Reference Balderngen, l. (2002) new complete Executive manners. Gianneto, D. (2002) The Performance grid, Netscape press Himmelweit, S, . Simonetti, R. Trigg, A. , Microeconomics (2001) Cengage learning EMEA Window. C, employee in a new working environment, the journal of philosophy of Employees volume 12 page 21 How to cite The individual, social, economic, legal or political factors, Papers

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prohittibition Essay Example

prohittibition Essay The twenties are known to have been a decade of vast crime and racketeering, this is a directly due to the prohibition of alcohol.The passing of the of the 18th Amendment was supposed to mark the beginning of the new era.In this time period there would no longer be legal sales of alcoholic beverages in the United States.Through the passing of the 18th Amendment the US government hoped to make the entire country dry and in turn lower crime rates and make the American people happier.However the hopes of a dry United States were soon shattered by the likes of many of the key players in mass production of alcohol and leaders of illicit activities such as gambling and various other crimes that became acceptable.Suddenly criminals have found new and vastly acceptable ways to be rich leaders of organizations that mass-produced crimes in many ways, shapes, and forms. Thefirst crime bosses of the United States as a result of Prohibition did their work and based their organizations is Chicago .Some of these bosses included the likes of Michael Big Mike Cassins McDonald who is considered to be the founder of organized crime in Chicago.Most likely the most well know of all the crime bosses ever Al Capone and his chain of gangsters.Some others are James Big Jim Colosimo and Mont Tennes.Colosimo lead the best brothels on the South Side while Tennes ran a chain of gambling houses on the North Side. Thefirst true leader and founder of organized crime lived and did his business in Chicago, he went by the name of Michael Big Mike Cassins McDonald.He provided a model for thefirst nationwide system of Prohibition racketeering.Also he consolidated citywide gambling by seizing control of the national racing wires, a move that laid the ground works for Las Vegas and the expansion of organized crime throughout the nation. McDonald and his underlings continued to work in conjunction with politicians, police, and nu

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Dracula and the blizzard Essay Example

Dracula and the blizzard Essay Example Dracula and the blizzard Essay Dracula and the blizzard Essay they still have no idea of what the problem is. Lumley fails to pick up on this panic and dismisses the tension by asking Tookey and Booth if they have seen a ghost. Tookey reacts by saying very seriously no ghosts in the Lot, mister as if ghosts would be preferable to what really is in Jerusalems Lot. When Booth tries to use the telephone, he finds that it is dead. This adds to the tension and suspense as it means that the three people in the bar are completely cut-off and isolated from any help if something were to go devastatingly wrong. Tookey and Booth are very reluctant to go and rescue Lumleys wife and daughter, which Lumley can not understand. Tookey and Booth obviously know a lot more about Jerusalems Lot than they are letting on. They are very anxious and scared about the Lot, which adds to suspense as they are the heroes of the story and are not supposed to get frightened. In the next few paragraphs, there are various and numerous references to Christianity and religion. Tookey and Booth mention crucifixes and Bibles. Booth says that most folks who live around the Lot wear something crucifix, St Christophers medal, rosary, something, which makes it seem that religion and faith in God is the only weapon against whatever it is that is in Jerusalems Lot. The phrase the Lot went bad creates a lot of tension and suspense because it confirms that readers fears that there is something very unpleasant in the Lot. Booth then tells the story of Jerusalems Lot to the reader, but even this tale does not prove that there is something unnatural in the Lot. This is when the word vampire is mentioned for the first time, but it is mentioned among the intoxicated ramblings of a drunken man called Richie. Suspense is created when Booth says that Richie never came back after saying he was going to Jerusalems Lot. Richie mocked the idea of vampires and was never seen again. This creates tension because the reader has probably been ridiculing the idea of vampires themselves. Tookey and Booth decide that they have to at least try to rescue Lumleys wife and daughter at which point Booth admits that he never felt so old or so scared in his life. This produces tension because it reiterates the vulnerability of the heroes of the story. Booth asks the reader questions about the Maine blizzard, which gives the impression that he is digressing from the real issue of what they are about to face in the Lot. When the three men eventually get in the car and begin the six-mile journey to the Lot, Booth says that they hadnt met a single car. This emphasises the isolation encountered by the three men. Ten minutes into the journey, they see a strange slumped form, with red eyes. This incident is never explained. When the rescuers reach the turn-off for Jerusalems Lot, Tookey says that they are only rescuing the wife and daughter if they are in the car. If they are not, then they will turn around and go home. There is no debate from Booth but Lumley is still very confused and getting rather frustrated at all the secrecy between Booth and Tookey surrounding the Lot. When they reach the car, the women are gone and all that is left is the little girls parka. This creates suspense because it is very cold outside and if the wife and daughter got out of the car voluntarily, the girl would have been wearing her parka. This means that they have been taken from the car in a hurry and against their will . Lumley at this point gets very angry. He, along with the reader, wants to know what is going on. Lumley runs into the Lot looking for his family. Tookey, Booth and the reader know that he is running towards danger, but all Lumley cares about is his family. When Tookey finally tells Lumley that the Lot contains vampires, Lumley thinks that they are lunatics and doesnt want to hear their stories. Booth says that even he thinks that Tookey did look like a bit loony. Maybe he doesnt even believe himself. The pure fear shown by Booth when Lumleys wife appears makes it obvious to the reader that maybe she is not all she seems. Under normal circumstances, Booth should be thrilled to see the lady, but he says that the sound of her voice turned his heart cold as ice in a cistern. The wifes is odd because she is described as beautiful, but she should be cold and shivering and probably looking a right mess. Lumley is seduced by the evil wife and runs to her, to the horror of Tookey and Booth. Tookey and Booth ran like rats, which would usually be a simile used to describe cowardice, but here, the reader understands why they flee. Lumleys daughter has also been turned into a vampire and tension and suspense is created as the reader sees Booth being lulled by the girls innocence and apparent vulnerability. For a moment, Booth is so taken by the little girls evil seduction that he almost wants to become a part of the vampire world within Jerusalems Lot. Booth no longer has the will power to resist her. Tookey has to rescue Booth from the little girl from hell by throwing his Bible at her. The epilogue of the story still manages to create suspense by ending by saying that the little girl is still out there, waiting for her goodnight kiss.  Both of the horror stories that we looked at use similar methods and techniques to build tension and suspense. They both avoid mentioning the real danger at first, but often hint at it, making the reader really think about what dangers could emerge. Dracula lulls Harker and the reader into a false sense of security by being very charming and courteous which is the main cause of tension and suspense in the extract of Dracula. In One for the Road, Booth convinces the reader that the real danger in Maine is the weather, and only hints at anything more. Both stories use a lot of description and require the reader to use their imagination. Because of this, the appearance of Dracula and the blizzard in Maine are probably exaggerated in the mind, which would create suspense and tension.

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How to Create a Bouncing Bubble Recipe

How to Create a Bouncing Bubble Recipe Just about any bubble solution will produce soap bubbles, but it takes a little extra care to make them strong enough to bounce. Heres a recipe for bouncing bubble solution and tips to keep bubbles from popping on contact. Bouncing Bubble Recipe 1 cup distilled water1 tablespoon liquid dishwashing detergent (I like Dawn)1 teaspoon glycerinBubble wand or straw to blow bubbles Simply mix together the ingredients and store it in a sealed container until youre ready to use it. While the recipe may work with regular tap water, distilled water produces reliable results because it doesnt contain extra minerals that could prevent soap suds from forming. The detergent is what actually forms the bubbles. Glycerin stabilizes the bubbles by making them thicker and reducing how quickly water evaporates. Basically, it makes them stronger and longer-lasting. You may get a little extra oomph from your bubble solution if you place it in the refrigerator to age overnight. Allowing time for the solution to rest after mixing it gives gas bubbles a chance to leave the liquid (which could prematurely pop your bubble). A cool bubble solution evaporates less quickly, which may also protect your bubbles. Blow Bubbles You Can Bounce Blow bubbles! Now, you arent going to be able to bounce them on hot pavement, no matter how hard you try. You need to aim for a more bubble-friendly surface. You can catch and bounce bubbles on the following surfaces: bubble wand, wet with bubble solutiondamp dishgloved hand, especially if you wet it with bubble solutioncool, damp grassdamp cloth Do you see a trend here? A smooth, moist surface is best. If the surface is too rough, it can puncture the bubble. If it is too hot or dry, the bubble will pop. It also helps if you are blowing bubbles on a calm day with high humidity. Windy, hot conditions will dry out your bubbles, causing them to pop. Need even stronger bubbles? Try this recipe for bubbles that wont pop.

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Final Exam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 15

Final Exam - Essay Example Moreover, the organisms that are best suited to live in their underlying specific conditions possess relatively greater chance of passing their desirable traits to the corresponding next generation. Nevertheless, organisms that poorly adapt die and extinct in the environment. The reproduction and the survival is massive numbers than other kind of animals mainly ensures perpetuation of the favorable traits in regard to succeeding generations. Natural selection demands heritable variation within a particular trait and corresponding differential survival and reproduction related with the possession of the desired traits. Both domestic selection and natural selection entails choosing of desirable traits and passing them to the next generations. An undesirable trait which cannot survive competition is eliminated from the environment thus becoming extinct. Conversely, natural selection results from corresponding natural factors that mainly favor particular variations whilst domestic selection mainly entails the probability of particular naturalistic mechanisms that pertains to the evolutionary alterations (Darwin & Charles, 112-279). Moreover, domestic selection purely utilized as an analogy for the underlying natural systems that concern untargeted changes. Natural selection and domestic selection does not link into similar theory that normally cause need to contribute intensely new to science. Struggle for existence is mainly due competition of scarce resources and over production that results to the ecological pressure. Members of every species contest repeatedly in order to obtain food, living space and other supplementary requirements of life. It mainly emanates from the overproduction by the organisms thus making the available resources to be insufficient to sustain the larger population. This subsequently results to emergence of competition of limited resources to keep themselves alive (Darwin & Charles,